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Travel Girl Yoga R+R Program





How It Works



  • You receive a custom discount code to share with your friends and followers giving them $100 off any TGY retreat.


  • For every client that is confirmed for one of our retreats you will receive $125.00.


  • After 5 people are confirmed you will also be eligible for a 30% discount on any of our retreats.


  • After 10 people are confirmed you will also receive a $1000.00 voucher good towards any TGY retreat.




How Do I Get Paid?

Each discount code is custom. You will have a discount code designated to just you. This is how we know that you referred the person to us as we can see what discount code was used. No one else will assigned this code but you; it is linked to your account.


We will pay you $100 within 25 calendar days of us receiving the deposit. (PayPal or Venmo)


How Will I Know When Someone Signs Up For A Retreat?

We will send you an email stating that someone signed up using your code. We will give you only the first name of the person, as to protect their privacy. If you ever want to check on your account you can contact . We will get back to you in 24-48 hours.



What Is My Discount Code?

Each discount code is custom. The discount code is usually your first name, but you may choose your own code. Remember to keep it simple and easy to remember. You can use two words maximum, but one word is usually best.



How Do I Know What To Post?

A press kit will be given to you with approved images, and approved text. We will Dropbox or email you these images to use on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. We will start you out with lots of images and texts to choose from; pick the ones you like best and put them in any order you like. We have many different locations and retreat experiences to choose from, so there will be something for everyone! We will also continue to send you new images and text so you will never run out of content to work with.


If you have a Vlog or website, you may also use them on your Vlog or website.  Websites and Vlogs must be approved before posting or filming. All images and advertisement must contain hashtag #travelgirlyoga and @travelgirlyoga. When posting on Instagram and Facebook the photo must also be tagged with Travel Girl Yoga.


What If I have An Idea Or Image I Would Like To Use Of My Own?

We are open and would love to hear your ideas!!  We love new content. Your friends and followers like YOU and your personality, and we want to celebrate that. We want your persona to shine! All we ask is that you submit any images and ideas to us before you post it for approval. We will get back to you in 24-48 hours or less.


Are There Any Restrictions On Posts?

Yes. While we support people’s rights to their own opinions and beliefs we do not allow any political, racial, religious, sexual, negative or insulting posts of any kind. We believe in love, support and positive vibes only. All posts must be approved prior to posting. Anything we deem offensive will be removed immediately.


How Does The 30% Off Any Retreat Work?

After 5 people are confirmed, you will be eligible for 30% off any of our packages on any of our retreats. It does not matter if 5 people sign up in a week, or it takes a year for 5 people to sign up.  Once you reach 5 people you are eligible for the discount. Of course, you will have already received the $100 for each person that signed up. The 30% discount may not be combined with any other credit or discount. Space is limited on many of the retreats so you must register for your retreat of choice before it is filled.  This discount is non-transferable.


Do I really get a $1000 voucher after only 10 people plus the $1000?

YES! You will have already received $100 for each person that signs up, and once 10 people have signed up using your discount code you will receive $1000 voucher towards any of our retreats. The $1000 voucher may not be combined with any other discount or credit. Space is limited on many of the retreats so you must register for your retreat of choice before it is filled.  This voucher is non-transferable. Voucher has no cash value.


Is There A Limit As To How Many People I Can Refer ?

Nope! You can refer as many as you like. Every confirmed client earns you $100. After 5 people you are eligible for 30% off our retreats. After 10 people you get $1000 voucher.


Can I Earn More Than One $1000 Voucher?

Yes! Travel around the world with us, on our dime. After the first 10 you earn a $1000 voucher. You must then have an additional 10 confirmed people to receive an additional $1000. So when you reach 20 confirmed people you get another $1000 voucher. And when you reach 30 you get another $1000 voucher and so on. $1000 vouchers are earned in increments of 10 confirmed clients. Space is limited on many of the retreats so you must register for your retreat of choice before it is filled.  This voucher is non-transferable. Voucher has no cash value.


What If I Don’t Use The Entire Voucher?

We want our retreats to be accessible to all women, so many of our quadruple occupancy and triple occupancy rooms start at under $1000. If you want to use your $1000 voucher on a room that is less than $1000 that is OK. The remaining balance can be used towards massages, facials, or any other extra activity we do. Voucher balance may not be carried over and must be used on that same retreat.


What If I Go On A Retreat That Is More Than $1000?

You can use your $1000 credit and just pay the difference in price. Many of our yoginis have choosen to use the commissions they earned from their referrals to make up the difference.


Are All Your Retreats Women Only?

Yes. Currently we are a women only retreat company. We focus on women empowerment, positive body images, building lifetime friendships and bonds. We want to encourage women to come together and support each other. GIRL POWER! In the future we may offer retreats that men can also attend.


Will You Follow Me And Like My Posts?

Of course we will! To insure that we give you the proper luv you deserve, please message us when you post on social media, Vlog or website. We want to support you, comment, tag you back and hashtag you. Cross promotion is great for everyone. You are part of our tribe and we want to support your brand too (think of us as one giant boost group for fierce females). Girl power!


What If A Paid Client Wants A Refund?

We have a no refund policy, which we strongly enforce. We allow the client to transfer their package to a different retreat or to another person. We also require clients to buy travel insurance for just this reason. All that being said, there are acts of nature, or life emergencies that do happen, and in the very rare event that we have to refund the client, you will forfeit your $100. If you have already been paid out we will keep the next $100 credit you earn. You will always be informed of these events in advance.



Still Have Questions?




We welcome you to the tribe and we look forward to working with you.


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